My new novel, Keepers In Trust, is formally published tomorrow 1st February 2017.  The book is something of a departure from recent books I have written insofar as it is an imaginary tale set in ancient times along the lines of folk and faerie tales.  The problems it highlights are ageless and I decided that an ageless approach would benefit the story.

Keepers In Trust is a tale in the old tradition that tells a story that resonates today: of greed, of hunger, of war, of hope and love.

… dreams and nightmares are found of the same dust; an idyll becomes an avalanche; the stream becomes a flood; the lovers fall to war.’

When grief and suffering are inflicted on a struggling people by their arrogant leaders, ignorant and disdainful of the needs of those around them, it is no surprise that a small group of revolutionaries vow to bring down those in power.

Revolutions… tear apart society, families, individuals, lovers, colleagues, friends and leave only tears to soak into the blood-stained muddy ground.’

Bella returns to this land, where revolution and war are close at hand and finds an uneasy quiet. She is driven to help the innocent citizens caught up in the turmoil, and seeks to put right the wrongs with all her energy and belief, only to encounter the full horror of tragedy and disaster…

The men do not so often come here; I think they just wander off into the woods and find a place to lie down and die. Sometimes we find a body. They have no dignity left, you see. They can’t bear to see the little ones. It breaks their hearts. The women… the women have no hearts left to break.’

Despite all the troubles that make up this adventurous tale, the story is ultimately uplifting and positive in its view of humanity.

Stephen Morley